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Praying for Rain

Recently, a book girlfriend recommended a series that she couldn’t put down, and it was The Rain Trilogy.  As a lover of The Walking Dead television show, I love a good apocalyptic romance.  This series is an action-packed, steamy, and heroic story about humanity, corruption, and commercialism.  You won’t be able to put it down. 

Once I finished the series, I picked up BB’s most recent book 44 Chapters about 4 Men that has recently been optioned for Netflix.  Talk about 180! This book was a semi-autobiographical story about her need to spice up her marriage by helping her husband understand her needs. So, she writes a fictitious diary that she knows her husband is reading and recounts her past four relationships. This book is incredibly hot! Boy, I will definitely watch the Netflix show when it’s on.

Definitely, check out the Rain series, it’s perfect for a binge-worthy weekend of self-quarantine. I am grateful to BB’s for taking a few minutes from her writing to answer my five burning questions.  Check out how she’d do in the apocalypse.

Jared Leto, MSCL

1.    Let’s start with Kill, Marry, or Screw? Gideon Cross, Kellan Kyle, or Wes from Pray for Rain? 
MARRY: Wes. He’s a combination of my teenage heartthrobs, Leonardo DiCaprio from Romeo + Juliet and Jared Leto from My So-Called Life, so basically, he’s the perfect man. 

SCREW: Kellan Kyle. Sexy musicians are my weakness. 

KILL: Gideon, but only after I make him sign a life insurance policy naming me as his sole beneficiary. 

2. Do you remember the first romance book you ever read? Can you tell me about it?  I think mine was Bitch by Jackie Collins and I was about 11.

It was Fifty Shades of Grey. My mother couldn’t even look me in the eyes as she slid it across the table and said, “You’ll thank me later.” I’ve been hooked on romance ever since!

The trilogy is available for FREE on Kindle now!

3.     If there was an apocalypse would you survive? What would you do to survive?

44 Chapter About 4 Men

Yes, but only because my husband is an extreme couponer/bargain hunter. My pantry, cabinets, and now laundry room are overflowing with his “bargains,” which I’m pretty sure we could live on for years. And we both work from home, so we’re already used to not leaving this place for days on end. It would seem much different. 😉

4. If you could have a dinner party and invite anyone to it, who would it be?  Celebrities, book boyfriends, intellectuals or anyone.  Name five people

Right now, I’m obsessed with meeting the cast of Sex/Life! They just began filming last week in Toronto, and it’s KILLING me to not be up there cheering them on in person. Ken and I are going to visit the set next month, so maybe I’ll have my dinner party wish fulfilled then! 

Mike Vogel plays Cooper in Sex/Life

Sarah Shahi (playing “Billie,” BB’s character)
Mike Vogel (playing “Cooper,” Ken’s character)
Adam Demos (playing “Brad,” BB’s ex-boyfriend)
Margaret Odette (playing “Sasha,” Dr. Sara Snow’s character)

And since you said five, I’ll throw in our amazing showrunner, Stacy Rukeyser, while I’m at it. 

5. For bonus points, what’s your favorite swear word? Motherfucker, forever and always. ❤


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