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Homeless Heart

Home had no meaning until he met her.

When Phin ran away at eighteen, he never expected to spend years living on the streets. The world was more brutal than he expected, but still better than spending every day fearing his father’s wrath. A little over a year remains until his twenty-first birthday, when he can come out of hiding.

Then, the unexpected happens. He meets a woman who turns everything he’d planned on its head.

Elizabeth has given up on love at thirty-one and is contemplating getting a few cats. She’d forsaken her personal life to help the homeless for so long that she wouldn’t know romance if it hit her in the face. But when she crashes into a handsome stranger, she instantly recognizes a damaged young man driven by a painful past.

Elizabeth offers Phin friendship and helps him learn to trust again, bringing him out of the shadows he’s been hiding in. When Phin’s past resurfaces, Lizzie realizes his secrets are more tragic than she could have imagined. Only then does Phin realize that if he’s to have any future, he must deal with his past and stop living in it. But will Elizabeth love the man buried beneath the pain and abuse?

There’s only one way to find out.


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