Support the Boob: A List of Stories of Love and Loss

These stories are about strong women and their fight to live and love.

The blog post started out being about books about woman with Breast Cancer because my book INSTANT CONNECTION main character Lorelei has breast cancer. This isn’t in the description of the book so this is a big spoiler that I am reluctant to give away. For the sake of peoples understanding of this post, I will spoil it.

In addition to the romance stories I’ve read about cancer survivors I’ve also been inspired by some amazing books about woman who are fighting with MS, leukemia and other diseases. I decided to widen my list to cover all the strong woman out there dealing with these sort of struggle every day and shine a light on it.

I wanted to spread the word about these special stories cause they changed my outlook on life and my opinion on story telling. They made me want to be a better writer and live my life better. Trust me you will enjoy these stories but you will need tissues and possibly chocolate.

There’s a book included call Tattoos & Tata’s that 100% of the proceeds in October go to Breast Cancer Awareness. Many of these books proceeds are going to a charity or have recommended you donate to specific charities. For this reason alone, you should buy them. I’ve included book and social media for you to support these authors.

Thanks ladies for helping to inspire me to be a better human, writer and family member.

Please send me your recommendations for other books that are about women fighting for their lives.



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