Check out this Interview with Violet & Alex from the Pucked series

puckedupThe talented Helena Hunting has taken time out of her busy writing schedule to participate in my interview with the beloved Violet and Alex from the Pucked series.

We all fell in love with Violet and Alex in Pucked and haven’t stopped loving them and the Super MC.   If you haven’t read this series then get on board and be prepared to wet your pants with laughter.

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A super MC sized thanks to Violet and Alex for taking the time to do the interview. Read it and weep, in a good way.:}  Stalk Helena on social media at the links below.

1. How’s married life treating you? What’s your favorite part?
Violet: Married life is awesome. I don’t think it’s really changed much about how we are together, apart from Alex being fond of calling me wife and introducing me as his wife. My favorite part was the honeymoon. I got to hug the Super MC a lot and spend some serious quality time with Alex, too, so that’s nice.

Alex: You do know that my dick isn’t separate from me, right?

Violet: *rolls her eyes* Well of course, but Super MC is kind of like his own man, which is why I dressed him up in a Fruit Roll Up cape and ate it off. Actually, I think that was my favorite part of the honeymoon.

What about you Alex?
Alex: My favorite part of the honeymoon came after the Fruit Roll Up.

I mean how’s married life treating you and what’s your favorite part?
Oh, right. Married life is great. Violet’s been working from home a bit, and we’re in the off-season now so we have more time together, so that’s been amazing. I just love that she’s finally mine forever, and not in a creepy, weird way, but an I’m a lucky guy way. Does that make sense? Maybe you should take that last part out.

3d nyt2. Did you dress up the Super MC for Easter? Did he put eggs in your basket?
I actually wasn’t allowed to dress up the Super MC for Easter, which was sad. But I came up with another great idea, and Alex liked that one—

Alex: Please don’t tell them about the body paint.

Violet: Why not? I thought it was hilarious when your balls were decorated like Easter eggs and you didn’t seem to mind me licking it all off after the fact.

Alex: I think we need to discuss the kind of personal facts you disclose during interviews.

Violet: Everyone already knows about our sex life, that’s why we were invited to do this interview.

3. Before you met Alex who was your ideal perfect man?
Violet: I don’t know that I had an ideal man. I mean, I guess I thought I knew what I wanted and then Alex came along and blew all those preconceived notions out of the water. When I met Alex I thought he was hot and he was an amazing kisser, but then we started talking, and I realized that beyond being superhot and built like a God, he’s also sweet, generous, kind, passionate and so, so smart. And to me that’s sexy.

4. If you hadn’t met Alex, which one of his team mates might you have ended up with?
Um, none? *glances at Alex who’s clenching his jaw* I never thought I’d end up with a hockey player in the first place, so the idea that I might’ve dated anyone else on Buck’s team isn’t something I’ve ever considered. I probably would have dated a guy from my financial firm, but not in my department, because that would be awkward. Maybe someone from the sixth floor or something.

Alex: What guy on the sixth floor?

Violet: I’m speaking hypothetically. I have no idea if there are any dateable guys on the sixth floor at all. And I’m married to you, so I have no interest in downgrading from you to anyone else, baby.

5. Bonus question: What’s your favorite swear word?
Violet: Fuckerdoodles
Alex: Motherfucker

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4 thoughts on “Check out this Interview with Violet & Alex from the Pucked series

    1. I know she was one of the reasons I started doing this interview because her characters have such a funny voice. You have to love them! Thanks for checking out. Hope you share it with others who love her work. All the best.

  1. Cool interview! I loved learning how these two were doing post-honeymoon. And the Easter egg balls, too funny! ♥

    1. Thanks so much, I forwarded Helena your comments. Glad you liked this one.

      Always looking for suggestions if you have a series that you read and the characters have a real difinitive voice let me know.

      All the best.

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