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My Favorite Book & Authors

I love reading and writing stories about love, but you should know that I HATE books without a HEA (happily ever after), so you won’t find one listed here. All the books listed here will make you cry, but you’ll be happy you did. You have my word.

Check out my book Homeless Heart here.


My favorite book series of 2022:

Just One Damned Thing After Another (Chronicles of St. Mary’s Book 1) by Jodi Taylor




My Favorite Authors

      1. Kristen Ashley
      2. Devney Perry
      3. LB Dunbar
      4. Lucy Score
      5. Claire Kingsley
      6. Catherine Cowles
      7. Meghan Quinn
      8. Lani Lynn Vale
      9. Julia Kent
      10. Cambria Hebert
      11. Carmen Jenner
      12. SL Scott
      13. Tara Sevic
      14. Kyle Scott
      15. Sylvia Day
      16. Heidi McLaughlin
      17. Lauren Dane


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