About Me


SL Marshall’s passion for reading started as a child with the Little House on the Praire books and her issue of Dynamite magazine.

Growing up on a farm and a lot of time on her hands she cultivated a love for love stories through reading and watching television. Many of her earliest memories involve watching the Brady Bunch on a Friday night, getting to stay up late to watch The Thorn Birds, and enjoying watching MASH with her family.

At the moment, her favorite shows include anything written by Aaron Sorkin, The Crown, The Walking Dead, Modern Family reruns, and all Dateline. She’s been known to watch a reality show or two, including the 90 Day Finance franchise.

Her bucket list includes going to Australia, South Africa on safari, an extra on EastEnders, and finishing her many books.

Her TV and movie husbands: James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Chris Helmsworth, Ewan McGregor, Adam Driver, David Tennant, and David Gandy.


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