My Top Ten Will-they-Won’t they (WtWt) TV Couples

This is my top ten “Will-they-Won’t-they” television couples.   I love these couples the best but they also make me want to tear out my weave sometimes cause the producers keep them apart for too long.  Many shows shy away from “The Moonlight curse” which is a thought that the show Moonlighting went down hill once Bruce and Sybil got together.  This isn’t true the reason the show lost it was because the show was just past it. The producers had waited to long to give us the pay off, the audience didn’t care.  Shows recently have given us the main couple getting together earlier and have been able to maintain the interest in the audience.  See examples of some of those couples listed bellow.  Hope you enjoy my torturous relationship with these couples.

Check out my favorites below and why I love them.  Do you agree? Who did I forget? Leave your suggestions below.

Luke_Lor1. Luke & Lorelei, Gilmore Girls

If I could I’d move to Stars Hallow and live-forever. Two words: Babette & Miss Patty. I would spend my days writing sitting at Luke’s diner with my friend Scott and talk about Kirk, Taylor Dosey and the other characters that inhabited the Hallow. Watching Luke and Lorelei go back and forth in their relationship was painful cause everyone in town could see it. My only regret that the show didn’t get to explore their relationship, I would have liked to have seen them have a baby together. I wished they had ditched April Nardini; she was the Cousin Oliver for show. Cousin Oliver was the kiss of death for the Brady Bunch.

 Jordan_Angela2. Jordan & Angela, My So Called Life

My So Called Life is one of the shows that I will always morn even twenty years later. Especially the way they left us hanging, will Angela and Jordan get their happily ever after or will she pick the nice guy Brian Krakow. I still have this discussion with friends usually after cocktails. Many of my friends like Krakow now, they guess he probably had an Internet start up and is totally loaded while Jordan is probably still trying to make Frozen Embryos a reality. I will be Team Catallano always and forever!!

donna_josh13. Josh & Donna, The West Wing

The West Wing was one of my favorite shows of all time. I loved Donna and Josh together their banter and obvious love for each other was fun to watch. I wish the writers had gotten them together a season earlier as it was the last one. Still the most well written WTWT relationship.

Doug_carol4. Doug & Carol, ER

I am a champion for the happily ever after (HEA) and Carol on ER was my favorite for a long time. She started out as a suicide victim in the pilot wanting to die when Doug dumped her. After Clooney left her high and dry for Dusk til Dawn fame, we all knew he’d be back. He was in Attack of Killer Tomatoes and was on Facts of Life. I knew Clooney would be back so when Juliana decided to leave they gave them their HEA that they so deserved.

When she went to Seattle to be with Doug I was so happy with the end of their story. I still cry when I watch that episode. Getting Clooney to do that five minute ending was worth the $1M bucks they had to pay the family to use their house in Seattle.

Moonlight 5. Mick & Beth, Moonlight

Another one of the shows that I loved that got canceled before its time. Moonlight got cancelled after one short series (19 episodes). I actually boycotted CBS for an entire year after they canceled that show because I was so angry. They replaced it with the Big Bang Theory, which made me boycott that show for an entire year. I thought how could a show about four nerds be funny. I went to Comic Con that year and was introduced to the BBT and I am a fan to this day. Don’t get me started on Penny and Leonard’s WTWT relationship it’s still unfolding. Anyway Mick & Beth had amazing chemistry and I loved the cheese vampire mythology that they created for the show, which wasn’t like others that were out that at the time.   The show happened to come at a weird time and the ratings were great. I think they had about 9-10 million people watching which now would be a hit. If Moonlight were on now it would probably be a success on the CW. Oh well we have the Vampire Diaries so we’ll survive and Alex O’Laughlin moved to Hawaii to do H50. His shirt is off all the time now maybe it’s a win win for society.

Pam_Jim6. Pam & Jim, The Office
This will be the sweetest WTWT relationship ever on TV. Jim and Pam are like the people you work with who are in love with each other. They are your everyman couple and they didn’t lose their appeal when they got married and had kids. Some beautiful and touching moments and they truly were the real heart of the Office. Their wedding at Niagara Falls is one of the sweetest weddings you’ve seen on television.

Big_Carrie7. Carrie & Mr. Big, Sex in the City

What to say about this relationship other than it was EPIC. The end of the TV show when they ended up together was one of the best endings ever. If they had never made the films I would have been happy to know that John and Carrie were out in the world living large. I would have hoped they would have avoided that trip to Dubai. Aiden never had a shot.

ben_felicity8. Felicity & Ben, Felicity

Many people wanted Felicity to end up with Noel but it was always going to be Ben. Noel was the Krakow and Ben was Jordan Catallano of the show. His soft-spoken manner and big heart made him irresistible to Felicity and a few others. The way he said, “anything,” was hot and adorable. Oh and he has amazing hair!! The ending of Felicity didn’t fail to disappoint getting to see them in Stanford together possibly rekindling their relationship. Happy clapping!

Log_Veronica9. Veronica & Logan, Veronica Mars

Logan and Veronica’s relationship was cut short again when it was canceled by CBS/CW so we never got to see them together on the TV show. Thanks to Kick-starter campaign and avid fans they made a film that wrapped up their story and they got their HEA. If you haven’t seen the film and liked the show you should watch it. Watch the series on Netflix. The film is a love letter to the show.
MulderScully10. Mulder & Scully, The X-files

As a long time nerd and fan of The X-files they were a scientific study in WTWT. Then when they finally did the producers decided to side step them being a real couple. We got one little kiss and that was it. She supposed had his baby but I am still unclear where that baby ended up. Space ship? Experiment? Sharknando? The films after the show ended had them as a couple but again they were as dysfunctional as you could imagine. Still it was nice to see them have some sort of intimate relationship with each other.

 On the bubble for this list:
Chuck & Blair, Gossip Girl
Ross & Rachel, Friends
Liz & Max, Roswell
Damon & Elena, Vampire Diaries-I am team Delana all the way!!

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