Ding dong the Ruggers is on!!

rugby_playersOne Saturday morning I woke up at my normal time, too damn early for someone without kids. Turning on my TV getting ready for my Saturday morning Law & Order marathon and reading a steamy romance novel. Don’t judge I love L&O and I secretly have a crush on Sam Waterston’s.

Popping the on the TV, this channel usually has some annoying children’s television show but this morning it was International Rugby.  DING DONG! Now I’ve lived in the UK on and off for years but never had taken much notice of rugby players. Something different happened this morning, as I sleepily watched those hot guys running around in those shorts with those strong thighs and sculpted abs. The occasion obvious healed broken nose, I could easily over look. Not sure what happened but it was like being struck by lightening!  I am now a rugby convert.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t understand the sport but might forsake L&O if this is on.  Mute is your friend!

As a writer, I am always looking for my muse so I am considering investigating work on Romance Rugby story. I don’t even like sports romance but I think I would like to try a rugby-based story. I would love to read a good one, any suggestions?

Here’s some of the guys I found in my Google search that I thought I’d share with others that might need enjoy this new found obsession.

Hope you enjoy and share my new found love of rugby players. Check out these hotties.  Check out on social media.

staureardonStuart Reardon, @stureardon that almost everyone knows in the romance world because he’s already on the covers of romance books.

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Ben Foden, @ben_foden
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David Williams, @wolfmanwilliams





Dan Conn, @danconn
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