Countdown to Outlander is OVER! Check Out My Week

Tartan_affair1Well it’s Saturday and the premiere of Outlander is FINALLY here.  If you’ve missed my blog this week, here’s a wrap up of what’s happening.

Don’t miss entering to win a trip to San Diego Comic & Spa trip. Enter here on Starz.

Take the quiz on the STARZ Outlander page to find out which Highlander you love.  I matched with Jamie!! Click here to take the fun quiz.

If you want to see the photos from the Outlander premiere in New York, check out these great photos on official Facebook Outlander page. #TartanAffair  There was a very cool fashion exhibition of the wardrobe from last season including the beautiful wedding dress.  There’s some great fan photos of the event on the Outlander Fans page.

Sam_kiltCheck out my page on the history of the KILT.
Click her to read more.

Five Facts you didn’t know about men who wear kilts:

  1. Scottish tradition is not to wear any underpants when wearing a kilt.
  2. Wearing a kilt has strong psychological benefits according to research. A kilt will get you noticed no matter where you are.
  3. Research indicates that men wearing a kilt experience a strong sense of freedom and masculinity and that many women are attracted to men in kilts.
  4. Apparently Scottish men who wear kilts have better sperm quality and higher fertility.
  5. Kilts are expensive can be up to $500 with the purse and the shoes.

IMG_2819Read here about my personal trip to the Outlander Paley Fest panel. Might even be a spoiler or two about the first episode.

I’ve had a great time this week and I hope you’ve enjoyed it too.




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