Funny Romance-Can they be FUNNY & still be SEXY?


Looking for funny romances?  Recently I read the book The Consequence of Loving Colton by Rachel Van Dyken and Fire Down Below (Gynazule Book 1) by Debra Anastasia and laughed out loud all the way through. Instead of my under pants needing a change, my sleeves were soaked from tears of laughter.

Most romance writers can write funny characters but not all do it well. I think there’s a concern that it will dilute the intensity of the romance but what girl doesn’t think funny is sexy. Not me!

Here’s my question, can you recommend funny and sexy books?  Tell me who is ticking your funny bone and your lady boner?

Here’s the ones I recommend:

Fire Down Below (Gynazule Book 1) is very funny, not even really a romance just a great read. From the discovery of Gynazule to writing herself into the book as crazy next door neighbor Debra’s one of kind. This book is nothing like anything you’ve ever read. If you are looking to put your tissues away and laugh, check it out.

LATEST RELEASE: Random Acts of Love (Random Series #5)  by Julia Kent
Random Acts of Crazy series features Darla, Trevor, Joe and a chicken. Yes a life chicken! This series is like no other. Despite this technically being a ménage, it’s not really written like one. Darla lives in a small town in Ohio in the storage shed behind her trailer. She picks up a naked Trevor holding a chicken a long side the road. The rest is history as they say.

Trevor and Joe got to law school by day and are in a band called Random Acts of Crazy at night. Darla’s hysterically funny, as well as grounded and loving. She really helps open up the slightly up tight Joe and the too lose Trevor. Read the books in order, it’s a great journey sexy and funy.

Stardust (Peaches Monroe, Book 1) by Mimi Strong
Peaches Monroe is another book with a unique female voice. Peaches is smart mouthed girl who falls in love with the most beautiful actor think Ian Somerhalder. Again she’s down to earth, funny with a bit heart. Right now its FREE, so get started.

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