SERIES FAVORITE: Check out the Serenity Point Series by Harper Bentley

harper bentleyBiggerthanskyJust finished reading the second in what’s turning into an amazing series about second chance love. I am such a sucker for those love stories.   Harper Bentley continues to bring us smart mouthed, flawed but loveable women who you want to see get their HEA.   In her first book Bigger than the Sky, I was hooked at the first 1% when we meet Millie and her leaving the man of her dreams Kade at the altar. She takes five long years to figure it out. When she finally comes around it might take some time to win Kade over. You’ll love Kade he’s one hot alpha with a big broken heart.

In her latest book from the series Always and Forever, again we find ourselves in the same small town dealing with Piper and Brody’s second chance romance. Brody is Kade’s younger brother who has been with Piper since childhood and then breaks up with her for no reason. After one hear of misery, when she thinks she might be getting over him he comes back and declares his love for her. The mystery of their year a part begins to unravel and that’s when their relationship and trust is truly tested.

One of my favorite things I love about Harper’s female characters they talk and swear like you do with your girl friends.   There’s a great back and forth conversation with Piper and Ryan her best friend that will have you busting up. These types of conversations happen in all her books this is why she’s one of my favorite writers. Real conversations, heartbreak and happiness. You’ll be a fan after he first 10%.


ZekecoverHer other series features the Power’s brothers the first book is Gable and then Zeke. This series is about the Powers boys of hot alpha brothers. They are sexy tattooed bad boys worth checking out.



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