My Favorite Characters Interview: That’s What He Said!!

rachelvdToday I launch a new column, which is an interview with my favorite book characters. These are characters I love because they make me laugh and weak in the knees. This character inspired me to do this column was Max from Rachel Van Dyken’s Consequence series. This series is one of the rare ones that can mix a touching love story, compelling characters with a fun sense of humor. If you are fan of Helena Hunting or Debra Anastasia’s books then you will love this series. Max and his hot brother Reid will be your favorite book boyfriends forever. You might even the drug induced lecherous Granny, a reality show contestant and a cheeky goat. I am sure it sounds outrageous but all this makes a fun and touching set of love stories.

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scottspeedmanLiamneesonToday Max took a few minutes out of his world domination to answer my five burning questions.  Reid joined him to keep him honest and from saying something he shouldn’t.  For privacy purposes, Max refused to send me real photos of himself and his famous actor brother Reid so he sent me celebrities that he feels best represent them.

Reid: Max for the record Liam Neeson is in is 50’s.
Max: Yeah, but you kind of look like that guy and I heard he’s got a large a large Irish trouser snake.  You’ll thank me later.
Reid: Fine, but in future could you use that picture of Chris Evans.
Max: Whatever, like you’d ever be Captain America.  I am way more Captain America than you.  Let’s do this so I can get back to planning my run for president.

1.   Let’s start off with Kill, Marry or Screw?
GASP! I think I would kill Reid, oh wait you mean women right? Okay so I’m going to kill Jessica Biel because I’m still pissed she hasn’t responded to any of my origami notes, I’ll Marry Kate Upton because we’d make hot kids, and screw? Can I screw them all? OH ha, wait, thats Reids, job, Reid? Care to interject anytime here.
Reid: Nope, not even touching that one.

consequence2.  What would you do if could do anything in the world?
What I do now, which is basically sit in a giant ass chair and look over New York city like I own it, which I will, in five point two years.
Reid: You have to excuse my brother, world domination’s kind of his thing now, and I would want to act, we were both told to go after our dreams, though I wasn’t sure my parents truly thought that through when they said hey Max you can be whatever you want to be, Tyrant wasn’t really an option you know?

3.  What do you love most about your girl?
Max: I love that she puts up with me, I love that she gives me lots of the sex, but really, I love that at the end of the day, when she’s exhausted, she still talks to me, cares about our relationship, and is a good listener.
Reid: Wow Max that was really romantic–
Max: I also like how she looks in short skirts and tall boots, damn those tall boots.
Reid: Just kidding. *sighs* I love that Jordan is a “take me as I am” type of girl, I dig that she’s so talented at what she does and makes no apologies.
Max: *yawns*

revenge4.  What animal are you most afraid of?
Max: It used to be goats, but now I’m happy to say the only animal I’m afraid of is the one that wakes up in place of my wife during that time of the month, haha feel me? NO? NO high five? Okay fine, I’m still afraid of squirrels alright?
Reid: I have no fears. Only Max taking over the world.

5.  Finally who is really your mom’s favorite?
Max: I think we both know the answer but last time we asked her, she laughed when I offered up Reids name first, laughed, so I think from that evidence we can only gather that, the idea he would be the favorite is laughable.
Reid: He spiked her lemonade. Thats all I’m saying.

6.   For bonus points, what’s your favorite swear word?
Max: I have to pick one? Okay I like Hell, because thats where Reids going to go if he doesn’t start doing better in the bedroom with Jordan you know?
Reid: Is this interview over yet? No? Damn it, there you go, thats my word, though to be fair, I give all swear words equal opportunity especially when Im with Max.

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