FREE SERIES: LUKE by Sabrina Paige a great deal, 3 books in one!

sabrinaI just finished this series and LOVED it! If you buy LUKE now, Elias and Silas are also included they are the two earlier books in the series. All three are FREE now! You need to read the books in order because there’s a sub plot that runs through all these books about the potential murders of their parents.

Saint by name but not by nature. The Saint brothers are some dirty talking bad boys but have had a hard childhood in their small Colorado town. Once they were old enough they all left their lives behind hoping to never come back to face the ghosts that haunt them. Elias left to become a solider, Silas is Elias twin who is a MMA fighter and furniture maker, Luke is a fire jumper and chef and Killian works on an oil rig. Killian’s story is next so he’s still a mystery.

Each story was unique but I loved Luke’s story because it has my favorite story line older woman and younger guy. Autumn’s 34 and a single mom and Luke’s 24 and I love these types of story lines. All of my own stories feature older woman and younger guy.

The woman in the stories are Autumn, Tempest and River.  The ladies are strong willed and smart mouthed woman whose back stories are interesting and heart warming, you’ll like them.

I really enjoyed this series and will now check out Sabrina’s other series.  Check find them here: Amazon Author page

Get this series today, such a great deal and a HOT family. ENJOY!!

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