My Ten Favorite Reads from Last Week

These are the 10 books I read last week that I would give my FIVE condom rating.

Hello, fellow book lover, I decided to do this post so I can remember the books I’ve read each week.  Also my hope is to help people discover new books to check out.  When I started reading, I always valued lists like these one because the sheer volume of books coming out each week.  There’s a top line overview and a quick review from me.

Hope you enjoy it!

jandielskristena roustabout heidithrottled

  1. Rhythm, Chord & Malkhin & Lingus by Mariana Zapata
    I am now a BIG fan of Mariana’s work.  Funny and sexy stories about a rock band and a porn star.  Not in the same book and neither story is a cliche.  Don’t miss these two funny & sexy books.
  2. Sustained by Emma Chase
    This is a sweet and sexy book about an alpha lawyer who gets sucked into the lives of a woman whose adopted four kids to raise.  Hot, sexy, heart warming and more. Not to miss.
  3. Memphis Black by MJ Fields
    I am a massive fan of MJ’s other books and this one doesn’t disappoint.  A STEAMY & SEXY rock story.  If you’ve read the Steel brothers series, Xavier makes an appearance and that makes me happy.
  4. Rock You Baby by Becky Adams
    This was a unique rock story that you probably haven’t read before.  Young homeless woman running from a religious compound and goes on tour with a sexy rock star.
  5. Where I Belong by J Daniels
    This is a novella from the Alabama boys series.  J Daniels is one of the queens of dirty talkers and this one doesn’t disappoint.  Loved it.
  6. Hold On by Kristen Ashley
    Loved this series so much and it was a bitter sweet ending for me personally.  The series ended well and I feel good about leaving the Berg but I’ll miss the characters.  Hopefully they will show up in another KA book in the future.
  7. My Kind of Forever by Heidi McLaughlin
    I’ve read this series from the beginning and I love it however, I did want to bang the two leads heads together a few times during this read.  Doesn’t matter because I love them and I have been on the journey so I wash happy to ride with them.  They got the HEA that they deserve.
  8. Throttled by Elizabeth Lee
    Racing book and second chance romance, no need to say anymore.  SWEET, FUN & SEXY!
  9. Roustabout by Jane Harvey-Berrick
    Jane is truly one of my favorite writers and if you haven’t read any of her books.  YOU MUST.  This is the next in the Traveling Man series and a great addition.  This story features Tucker McCoy Kes’s best friend and Terra Hawkins Kes’s sister which all becomes complicated and difficult for more reasons than their relations.  JHB has done an amazing world at creating the world of the carnival.  You’ll want to quit your job and join it.   She’s amazing!


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