My Favorite Things This Week: Return of Homeland, Until Jax, Baby Pandas and the X Files


Here’s my list of favorite things this week.  Please enjoy these things as much I did! Who doesn’t love photo of a baby panda.  Enjoy!

1. Currently, I am reading Until Jax by Aurora Rose Reynolds and loving it. Single mother and reformed bad boy.  CLICK HERE to ENTER TO WIN Until Jax + $50 Giveaway.  Follow the author Aurora Rose on @auroraroseR  Check out the Rock Stars of Romance blog for other great books and giveaways. @RSofRomance

2. This story will bring happy tears to your eyes. This has inspired me this week! Accidental Reunion Brings Emotional Surprise For SCC Firefighter & Patient

3. X Factor UK is my guilty pleasure. Canceled here in the US but still on in the UK, as a total anglophile I love it and watch it on AXS here in the US.  The six chair challenge is back.

4. I loved the X Files and am so excited that they are bringing it back. Check out the new X Files Official trailer 2015. The truth is out there and Scully and Muldar are going to find it, damn it!

5. Finally, loads of great television starting but I must confess I am most excited about the return of Homeland. We are off to Berlin and shits going to get real. If you are like me and watch Homeland for Peter Quinn check out this interview with Peter Quinn aka the actor Rupert Friend.

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