SERIES SPOTLIGHT: Check out the The Powers that Be Series! The Powers Brothers are IRRESISTIBLY HOT!

This feature spotlights series I LOVE.  This weeks pick is The Powers that Be series featuring the SEXY & ALPHA Powers brothers.  I am a sucker for a brother series and this one doesn’t disappoint.  Definitely start at the beginning of the series with brother Gable, you don’t have to but I recommend it.  The series is only 99 cents on Amazon right now.  Read it now!

Loch trailer:

Gable (The Powers That Be Book 1) by Harper Bentley only 99 cents on Amazon.

gableANdrew EnglandAndrew England inspired Gable, check him out.





Gable trailer:

Zeke (The Powers That Be Book 2) by Harper Bentley only 99 cents on Amazon.


Nick Batemen inspired Zeke.






Zeke trailer:

Another great series from Harper Bentley is Serenity Point, check them out.


harper bentleyBigger than the Sky (Serenity Point Book 1)Always and Forever (Serenity Point Book 2)


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