Author Cassia Leo Answers my 5 Burning Questions: Kill, Marry, Screw and more

image1One of my all-time favorite authors who is always guaranteed to make you get out the Aloe Vera tissues, Cassia Leo has a new book out Ripped.  This new book takes one of our most beloved characters from the Shattered Hearts series, sexy surfer and joker Adam Parker.   Ripped is the hilarious and scorchingly-hot tale of what it’s like balancing family and career when you’re the hottest surfer in the world.

Check out some of her other books the Shattered Hearts, Black Box, The Story of US series are just some of my other favorites from Cassia.  Check out links to all her books below.

I am grateful to Cassia for taking time out from her busy schedule to answer my five burning questions.  Check them out.

1. Let’s start off with Kill, Marry or Screw? Gideon Cross, Kellan Kyle or Adam Parker?  KILL: Donald Trump (no explanation needed), MARRY: Louis C.K. (I love a man who can make me laugh!), SCREW: Adam Parker (surfer/hero from my latest book, Ripped.)

2. Do you remember the first romance book you ever read? Can you tell me about it? EDITOR NOTE: I think mine was Bitch by Jackie Collins and I was about 10 or 11.

shatterheartsboxI used to read Sweet Valley High books in elementary school, and a lot of those had romance plots. Other than that, I don’t think I read romance until Twilight came along. I didn’t even read Twilight until after the movie came out. My neighbor had been bugging me to read the series, but she made it sound so lame. I was surprised when I began reading the series that I loved it.

3. What type of stories would you like to write but haven’t yet? Menage, BDSM or a sexless romance. The sexless romance should come with a warning. Don’t you think?
I love writing and reading family dramas, so two of my favorite genres to read and write are women’s fiction and domestic noir. I’d love to write something about a domestic dispute gone terribly wrong.

4. What’s your writing process like?
It varies depending on the book. Sometimes I outline a novel before I start writing, using a special plot diagram based on the three-act structure, to make sure I hit various key plot points and conventions. Sometimes, and these are usually the books people like the most, I just pants it. I’ll start with a concept and a pretty solid idea of how it ends, then I’ll fill in the blanks as I write.

blackbox25. If you could have a dinner party and invite anyone to it, who would it be?  Celebrities, rock stars, book boyfriends, intellectuals or anyone.  Name five people.
Jodi Picoult (my favorite author), Gillian Flynn (another favorite), Chris Nolan (I’d love to pick his brain on storytelling and characterization!), Louis C.K. (I may be a little obsessed with him), and Kanye West (to keep things interesting.

6. For bonus points, what’s your favorite swear word?
I’m going to have to go with fuck because it’s so versatile. As Jesus once said, in reference to fucks, the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Which is why sometimes, there are zero fucks to giveth. Fucks can fly! I rest my case.


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Check out some of her others books that I loved and bring the tissues.  Oh but don’t despair there’s always an HEA.

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