Author Cambria Hebert Answers My 5 Burning Questions: Kill, Marry, Screw & more

nerdThe Hashtag Series is one of my favorites and don’t let it fool you this isn’t a YA book it’s definitely a funny, SEXY and suspenseful NA series.  Join Rimmel and Romeo and their friends on their road to LOVE and building friendships.  The latest book is #Poser (Hashtag Series Book 5) but these books should be read in order so start with #Nerd (Hashtag Series Book 1).  The next book is the last in the series and I am sad to see it ending.  Cambria is going to be under a considerable amount of pressure to finish this series so we are happy.   Check out Cambria’s social media at the end of the interview as well, as a list of her other books you should read.
Here’s the series in order:
#Nerd (Hashtag Series Book 1), #Hater (Hashtag Series Book 2) , #Player (Hashtag Series Book 3) , #Selfie (Hashtag Series Book 4) , #Poser (Hashtag Series Book 5)

 I am grateful to Cambria for taking a few minutes to answer my 5 burning questions.

  1. Let’s start off with Kill, Marry or Screw? Gideon Cross, Kellan Kyle or Romeo?
    Kill, Marry or Screw…. I guess I would choose marry.  I’m a hopeless romantic afterall. :} As far as book boyfriends, it’s way too hard to choose. So I’ll pick Romeo from my hashtag series. He’s always going to be number one to me! #ImNotBiasedAtAll
  1. Do you remember the first romance book you ever read? Can you tell me about it?  EDITORS NOTE: I think mine was Bitch by Jackie Collins and I was about 10 or 11. 
    Oh my goodness, I’ve been reading for so long I really don’t remember the first romance I read. I do remember reading all the Fear Street books by R.L. Stine and while those were thriller-ish type books I did like the side roman
    ces that went on. Haha. Those were probably my first taste of “romance” in books.


  1. What type of stories would you like to write but haven’t yet? Menage, BDSM or a sexless romance. The sexless romance should come with a warning. Don’t you think?
    I don’t really have a “bucket list” per se for my writing. I honestly just like to write what comes to me and where inspiration strikes. As far as sexless romance, I guess you could say I’ve written that. I think a lot of YA romance is sexless because its young adult (not all YA is sexless). My book Recalled is sexless as well. I’m sure some readers would like a warning, haha, but then again, I don’t think all romance novels need sex to be fabulous, it’s all about what’s right for the story.
  1. What’s your writing process like?
    I usually put on a hoodie, pull the hood up, put some earbuds in my ears and pull up some instrumental music. Then I just try and see where the characters take me!
  1. If you could have a dinner party and invite anyone to it, who would it be?  Celebrities, rock stars, book boyfriends, intellectuals or anyone.  Name five people
    This is such a hard question. Lol. I’d probably invite book boyfriends and characters. Probably the whole crew from the Hashtag series: Romeo, Braeden, Ivy, Rimmel, Trent and Drew.
  1. For bonus points, what’s your favorite swear word?
    Ha! I plead the fifth! I do like to say “shat” instead of “shit” it amuses me. Lol! Hey, I never said I wasn’t weird…

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When you are done reading the Hashtag Series, check out this series from Cambria it’s amazing.  Try TEXT first and then you’ll be hooked!


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