5 by 5 Q&A with Jane Harvey-Berrick talks Her Choice for Kill, Marry or Screw

onecarefulownerUpdate:  One of my favorite author Jane Harvey-Berrick has a new book out One Careful Owner: Love Me, Love My Dog. How could you not love told from the POV of man and his dog.

When the description says, WARNING! This book will break your heart!
From the best-selling romance author of THE EDUCATION OF SEBASTIAN comes a sexy, heart-breaking and heart-warming story about one man and his dog.

You know you are going on a amazing ride. Jane was one of the first authors to answer my five burning questions. Check out her new book and her answers if you missed them last time.


travelingwoman traveling manJane Harvey-Berrick is one of my favorite authors.  She wrote one of my all time favorite books The Education of Sebastian & Caroline.  If you haven’t read this epic novel then you should!! I’ve read it at least four times.  You won’t be disappointed!

Her back catalog is made of amazing 5 star reads Lifers, Playing in the Rain, At Your Beck & Call and so many more.  Check out her Amazon page for all her books.

Jane’s got a new series Traveling Man & Traveling Woman out about the carnival life and love.  Jane’s written another amazing series about an interesting and different slice of life.  A must read!

You can buy the books here:  Traveling Man & Traveling Woman

I asked Jane to answer my 5 by 5 questions and here’s what she said.

1. Let’s startTyler as Kes off with Kill, Marry or Screw? Gideon Cross, Kellan Kyle or Kestrel Donohue?
Jeez, start with the easy ones, why don’t you?! Um, okay, [starts to sweat]. I’d have to say marry Kestrel because I fell in love with him while I was writing him, but that’s tricky too, because I’ve gotten to know Tyler Gattuso who is the model in the covers. I don’t think he does cougars LOL.

Gideon versus Kellan – hmm. Toss a coin!

2. Do you remember the first romance book you ever read? Can you tell me about it? I think mine was Bitch by Jackie Collins and I was about 10 or 11.
PRIDE AND PREJUDICE by Jane Austen. I had to read it for school and at first I found that world really hard, but by the second class, I fell in love with the story and have been a Jane Austen fan ever since. But my absolute favorite is PERSUASION: a story about a middle-aged woman (for those times) who has given up on love but is given a second chance with the love of her life. Perfect.

3. What type of stories would you like to write but haven’t yet? Menage, BDSM or a sexless romance. The sexless romance should come with a warning. Don’t you think?
There’s a paranormal idea sitting in my ‘book ideas’ folder. I don’t know if it’ll make it into a book, but it might!
I’ve written about a male escort (AT YOUR BECK & CALL) and he had group sex and couples sex, helped voyeurs get off, and got into once with a guy at a party. So that angle is covered. Nah, I’ll pass on BDSM. I wrote a lot of FSOG fanfiction, so I think I’ve gotten that out of my system 😉

A sexless romance? I’ve done slow-burning stories, where the couples get together much later on. But yes, I wrote a thriller, EXPOSURE, where you’re kind of left guessing about the sex.

4. What’s your favorite thing to do when you aren’t writing or reading?
Walking on the beach with my little dog. Clears my mind, but also the time when I get my best ideas.

5. What is the one thing you’d like people to know about you when reading your books?
I write what I want to read myself. I don’t write because it’s “the new thing” like all the stepbrother books that came out after Penelope Ward. That’s probably not entirely fair, because inspiration takes many forms. I was inspired by FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, but when I started writing my own stories, creating my own worlds is the part that I enjoy the most.

I’ve written two plays, as well, both of which are being performed this summer. One is for children, a romp with pirates and smugglers and lots of music, but the other is a tough, uncompromising play for adults. It’s a tough subject, about an ex-soldier who is suffering from PTSD. The mini tour is raising money for the UK charity www.felixfund.org.uk It’s a charity that helps men and women – and their families – who were bomb disposal personnel in the military. A close friend of mine worked in that area, so yeah, very important to me. https://www.facebook.com/LaterAfterNEWDRAM

6. For bonus points, what’s your favorite swear word?

British ones are so much better than US ones.   Tosser!

Thanks Jane!!

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